Ancient Egyptian Artifact: The Goddess Isis and the God Osiris surrounded by hieroglyphics.

Hi Everyone!!!

Welcome to ArtHistoryGalore. This is my first time ever creating a blog so if I make some mistakes please bear with me. I initially created this blog because of a school project but I hope that I can teach others to love art as much as I do and to love this blog also. Another reason for creating this blog is because of my love and passion of art and its history and I also wanted to share some of the information that I found while I researched more into the different aspects of art. Since today’s society does not think of art as a reasonable field to pursue a career in, this blog could teach you differently and hopefully reinforce your own appreciation of art in the world. I would like to ask everyone who has visited to please leave me a comment on some things that I can add and/or change to make the blog better.

Thank you very much to anyone who has visited my blog and read some of the posts, I hope it helped you!!